Reunion Event T-shirts

Over the years, the T-shirt has become the popular and enduring keepsake item of any successful family reunion. By creating a family reunion T-shirt you not only create a keepsake item that can be worn to remember a fun and fantastic reunion, but also creates family unity at the event itself. It's pretty impressive to see an entire picnic of people wearing the same fantastic and fashionable family T-shirt. As far as we're concerned, there is only one company that you should work with and that's Reunion Wear. It is a division of Propaganda T-shirts that specializes in producing T-shirts just for family reunions.

Reunion Wear has the following services it offers to family reunions.

  • The most affordable prices in America.
  • Many beautiful pre-set designs to choose from, customized to your family and event. Or Reunion Wear can create your very own family T-shirt design.
  • Fastest turnaround in the country. Most companies take 3 weeks or more. Reunion Wear normal turnaround is 5-7 working days.
  • The Reunion Wear website allows you and your family to interact with the company and view all the designs that are available.
  • Reunion Wear can ship your order anywhere you want - your home, the reunion city or even the reunion site itself.


  • Realize that the more T-shirts you order, the better the price you can get.

  • Many times, family members may not initially order a T-shirt, but when they see the finished product, they all are going to want one. So it make sense to order extra T-shirts for this reason, and because a higher volume order may save you some money too.

  • Really small T-shirt sizes (size 6-8 or smaller) may require a second set of screens which would cost another set of screen charges. So, even though you may have really young or small children attending the reunion, order at least a size or two larger for those small children.

  • If you consider how fast kids grow, by ordering a few sizes up, the child can wear his or her reunion T-shirt for more than a few months.

  • Larger size T-shirts (XXL, 3XL, 4XL, etc.) cost more per unit than XL T-shirts.

  • If you're family reunion is on a budget, keep these thoughts in mind.

    • *White T-shirts are less expensive than colored T-shirts

    • *Printing on the front of T-shirt is less expensive than printing on the front and the back

    • *The more colors in your design, the more expensive your T-shirt will be.
      Stick to 1 or 2 color designs for maximum value.

    • *The more T-shirts you order, the more you can save per garment.
For more information on Reunion Wear, call toll free 1-800-710-6466, e-mail them at or on the internet, go to:

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