Weekend Event

It makes sense that if you have selected a hotel for the lodging of out of town relatives, it could also be the central location for the reunion. It could be the location for the welcoming/check-in table as well as the banquet, the worship service and brunch. A good quality hotel normally has all the facilities in-house for a successful weekend family reunion event.

The few things a hotel normally doesn't handle is booking entertainment, or music, like a DJ or band, or a photographer or videographer for the event. These are things the committee can book or, many times, these are skills certain family members may be able to contribute to the reunion.


Contact local hotels well in advance to book a block of rooms. If your committee decides to have other meetings, activities, or a banquet, you can also work with the hotel about this as well. Most hotels hosting a family reunion will work with you to negotiate discounted group rates and special pricing on meeting rooms and banquet facilities.

Here's a typical outline of a schedule for a weekend family reunion event.


Normally, out of town relatives start coming into town on Friday.

Check In Table

Have a centrally located welcome or check in table at the host family's home or at the hotel or reunion site. Family members can register, pickup their reunion T-shirt and an information packet. The following info can be included in each packet.

Optional handout items:

  • Information Packets
  • Weekend Agenda
  • Tourism Info
  • T-shirt
  • Maps to Picnics, Banquets
  • Name Tags
  • Family Newsletter
  • Important Notes

Friday Night Get Together

Many people attending the reunion are probably tired out from travelling. So have a low key, meet and greet party to make introductions when necessary, allow people to relax and get ready for a weekend of extreme fun and joy. We recommend having some food and drink, at least some hors d' oeuvres. This event can be a cocktail party, a pizza party or perhaps a fish fry.



Saturday is traditionally picnic day. See the preceding section on picnics for more detailed information and tips.


Saturday night is the time for a big blowout reunion banquet. Lots of details are necessary for planning this event. This usually takes place at a hotel dining room, a banquet hall or restaurant. Whoever it is held, you need to meet with the banquet planner to make sure all the details are taken care of. A typical banquet consists of some or all of the following activities.

Possible banquet activities:

  • Cocktails
  • Dinner
  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Talent Show
  • Awards
  • Music and Dancing


Worship Service and Brunch

It's always nice to end a weekend family reunion with a church service and then a tasty restaurant brunch. It's an appropriate end to a nice weekend and allows for everyone to say their good-byes before everyone returns to their homes. For a brunch, look into some of the larger area breakfast restaurants or the hotel for the brunch.

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